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New York State Beach Cleanup
A Participant in the International Coastal Cleanup
September 21, 2022
*Or any date in September and October*

Natalie Grant, New York State Beach Cleanup Coordinator
Registration for the 2014 NYS Beach Cleanup will open on May 15th, 2014!

Welcome to the American Littoral Society's online registration form for the New York State Beach Cleanup. We created this digital registration form to make the cataloging of people, addresses, emails, cleanup sites and data much faster and easier for everyone. We realize this may seem like a big change and it may take everyone some time to adjust. To help with the transition, here is a short guide to tell you some major changes to the registration process and give you some tips on how to best fill out the form so that everything goes smoothly.

Major Changes

1 - For every registration there is one Coordinator and one or more sites reserved by that person. Each site is assigned one Beach Captain and any number of co-captains, which can include the coordinator. This allows everyone from large companies and organizations who cover entire rivers to small families who only clean their backyards to have the flexibility to register cleanly, accurately and with as much or as little delegation as possible.

Example - John Doe from Coca-Cola reserves twelve sites along the Long Island Sound. He lists himself as the Coordinator and provides an address for materials from ALS to be sent to. He then reserves twelve sites and gives each site a Beach Captain to oversee it (and maybe some co-captains), one of which is himself. The rest of the form is filled out and he is done.

Example 2 - Sarah Connor is a single teacher who wants to bring her 6th grade class out to a local beach to clean. She lists herself as the Coordinator and provides an address for materials from ALS to be sent to. She reserves her single site, lists herself as the (only) Beach Captain, gives any other relevant data needed and is done.

2 - Cleanups done on beaches, underwater or on watercraft are strictly separate, in terms of data. If you clean a shoreline by collecting trash on the beach and then gather divers and swimmers to collect debris from in the water of that same beach, these activities must be counted separately and the data tallied separately.

Tips & Clarifications

1 - Please provide as much information as you possibly can. The only absolute requirements are marked with a *.

2 - Please provide an email you will check regularly and ensure it is correct. We will be sending out mass mailings with important information regarding the Beach Cleanup on a regular basis.

3 - The form will pick up on errors such as telephone numbers and emails with impossible combinations or incomplete letters/numbers and other missing data, but please be diligent regardless.

New York State Beach Cleanup materials will be mailed to the person and address given below.

Phone numbers and Emails collected here are strictly for ALS's records and as a means of contacting coordinators. They will not be shared or made public.

First Name* Last Name*
Street Address*
City* State*
Is this a Home Address?*
Phone 1* () - -    Ext
I allow this information to be seen by the public.
I allow this information to be seen by the public.

Use the form below and the 'Add Another Site' button to list every site you plan on cleaning.

If you are cleaning a site multiple times, such as underwater and land cleanups, or cleaning the same site across multiple days, please list each day and/or cleanup separately.

Beach Captain*
(Please separate each one with a comma.)
(Please separate each one with a comma. These will be displayed on the site list unless Private.)
(Please separate each one with a comma. These will be displayed on the site list unless Private.)
Site Name*
Nearest Road
or Landmark*
Longitude* Latitude*
(Need help finding latitude and longitude? Click here.)(Need help finding latitude and longitude? Click here.)
City/Town/Borough* County*
Date* Rain Date
Start Time : TBA Start Time
(Rain Date)
Mode of Data Collection* Type of Environment*
Part of Long Island Sound
Part of
Jamaica Bay
(Not sure? Click here to see the area the Long Island Sound covers.)(Not sure? Click here to see the area Jamaica Bay covers.)
Private Cleanup
(Private Cleanups are not open to the general public.)
External Website with More Information

Please give us an estimate of the materials you will need below. Make sure you enter the total amount of materials you will need for all your cleanups and distribute the materials accordingly upon receipt. We highly encourage using any leftover materials you may have from previous years.

Materials will be mailed after Labor Day and will come with instructions, posters and guides.

Trash Bags*
(Estimate 1 per 3 volunteers.)
Data Cards*
(Estimate 1 per 3 volunteers.)
(Please only request one if you can make copies. Every volunteer should get one.)

Any information you can provide below will be helpful. It may speed along the process of getting your materials to you and/or save us shipping costs.

Providing us information about your local newspaper and government officials will help us spread the word of the New York State Beach Cleanup.

Total Estimated Volunteers
FedEx Number
I can Pick Up the Materials
(Call 718-869-3488 for Details)

Name of Local Newspaper
Local Newspaper Website
Local Government Official
Government Official Website